Hors d’oeuvres

Raw Shucked Oysters

Boutique $1.50 Ea.
Premium $2.00 Ea.
Served with Mignonette, Lemon Wedges, Cocktail Sauce, Horseradish & Our House Oyster Crackers:
$5.99 per Doz.


Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna
Soba Noodles, Waikame, Crispy Wonton, Soy Dipping Sauce

Skuna Bay Salmon Tartare
Cucumber, Guacamole, Yuzu Vinaigrette, Fried Yucca
$20 /Doz

Sea Scallop Ceviche
Lime, Chiles, Peppers, Cilantro and Mango 


Mini Crab Cakes
$38 / Doz., Additional Sauces / Platter upon request $8

Oysters Rockefeller
Chesapeake Bay Oysters on the Shell Stuffed with Spinach, House Cured Bacon, Shallots & Parmesan $36/ Doz.

Seafood & Yukon Gold Potato Croquettes
Your Choice of: Salt Cod, Smoked Salmon or Crawfish
Served with Saffron Aioli $15 / Doz.

Stuffed Cherrystone Clams
Chorizo, Smoked Bacon, Brioche, Lemon, Herbs 
Serves 4 - 6 $24 / Doz.

Stuffed Baby Beets
Goat Cheese, Walnut “Nougat”, Aged Balsamic $ 16 / Doz.

Appetizer Platters

House Cured Salmon
Shaved Red Onion, Capers, Crème Fraiche, Rye Croutons
$28 / LB 

BlackSalt Fruits de Mer
8 Premium Oysters, 4 Cherrystone Clams, 8 Little Neck Clams, 8 Cocktail Shrimp, PEI Mussels
$72 Serves 4 ppl.,  $18 Ea. Additional Guest

Gulf Shrimp Cocktail & Other Shrimp Choices
Your Choice of: ‘The Classic’ Cocktail, Old Bay Spiced,
Peel n’Eat, or Thai Chile Glazed.
$28 / LB 

Maine Lobster Salad
Poached Lobster, Citrus, Asparagus, Shaved Fennel, Champagne Dressing $76 Serves 4 ppl.,  $19 Ea. Additional Guest


Trout Roe  -  $16 / 2 Oz
Salmon Roe  -  $16 / 2 Oz

Paddlefish, U.S.  -  $30
wild, earthy flavor with a buttery crisp

Hackleback, U.S.  -  $36
wild, dry, strong flavor with a briny zest

California Osetra, U.S.  -  $80
farmed, Similar to Sevruga

Italian Osetra, Italy  -  $100
farmed, plump, hazelnut

Russian Osetra, Israel  -  $150
farmed, nutty flavor, rich, 
hint of sea salt, creamy finish

Royal Imperial -  $180
Farmed,  Hybrid cross of Beluga and Shrenkii
Sturgeon, large egg, golden brown in color

Kaluga, Amur  - $200
farmed, closest relative to the Beluga, 
2nd Largest sturgeon, rich, buttery flavor

Served with Traditional Accompaniments
$11.99 / Per Ounce of Caviar