Here are some samples of the featured daily seafood selections available at BlackSalt with brief flavor profiles and cooking recommendations. We are able to source any fish that you do not see here, just call for availability and pricing.


Wild Halibut
Halibut provides a rich mouthful of mild buttery flavor with a hint of sunflower oil.  Best roasted, grilled, or pan-seared.

Wild King Salmon
King Salmon is just that, the King.  With a robust strong salmon flavor this fish is packed full of richness and healthy omegas.  Best roasted, grilled, pan-seared, or smoked.

Wild Sockeye Salmon
Sockeye is leaner than its cousin the king, containing less fat, but not lacking in flavor, with hints of shellfish and leafy greens.  Best sautéed.

Wild Golden Tilefish
Golden Tilefish feed on crustaceans along the bottom of the ocean and their flavor reflects their diet.  Firm flaked, tilefish has a shellfish sweetness and is likened to a robust grouper.  Best pan-roasted or grilled.

Wild Mahi Mahi
Caught in temperate waters around the world, mahi is a firm fleshed fish that has a chicken broth like flavor with citrus notes.  Best pan-roasted or grilled.

Wild Opah
Caught in Hawaii and called ‘salmon of the Gods’, Opah is similar to tuna but with less fat.  Best pan-seared or grilled.

Wild Hake
A cousin to cod, hake offers a meaty alternative.  The flesh is bright white with large meaty flakes and a mild, potato-like flavor.  Best roasted or broiled.

Farmed Rainbow Trout
Cousin to the salmon, trout offer a sweet, mineral-like quality with a mild nutty flavor.  Best pan-roasted, roasted, or broiled.

Wild Bigeye Tuna
Bigeye are line caught from the Atlantic and tend to have a higher fat content than the yellowfin.  We sell #1 grade tuna, which is the highest grade and the grade recommended for sashimi.   Best raw, pan-seared, or grilled.

Wild Atlantic Swordfish
We buy mature swordfish, marker size, from day and short trip boats ensuring that we have the freshest product available.  Best pan-roasted or grilled.

Farmed Arctic Char
Similar to Salmon, char is less fatty and more delicate in flavor.  Best sautéed, roasted, or poached.

Wild Triggerfish
Triggerfish are caught along the reefs of the East Coast and have a very distinctive, sweet shellfish flavor.  The texture is meaty and gives a great bite.  Best pan-seared or sautéed.

Wild Domestic Red Snapper
We buy our snappers from rod and reel fishermen off the coast of Florida.  We buy fish that are 4lbs and up ensuring that the fish have reproduced more than once.  Best pan-roasted or sautéed.

Wild John Dory
We buy dory from New Zealand and the North Atlantic.  Dory have an elegant texture and flavors reminiscent of seaweed and shellfish.  Best sautéed or pan-seared.

Wild Fluke Flounder
Fluke flounder is a firmer fleshed flounder that has a good flake and peppery taste. Best sautéed, roasted, and broiled.


Wild Texas Brown Shrimp
We buy wild Texas brown shrimp for our head-off shrimp selection because we feel that they are sweeter than most other shrimp and are conscientiously harvested.  The sizes range from 15 count per lb to 35 count per lb.  Best sautéed, grilled, or roasted.

Wild Head On Guatemalan Shrimp
The Guatemalan prawns are big, about 12 shrimp per lb, and have a lobster like flavor.  Best grilled or sautéed.

Wild Rock Shrimp
Rock shrimp are a shrimp apart.  They are like small bite sized lobster tails that come shell-less and ready to cook.  Not always available, we buy fresh only, never frozen.  Best sautéed or fried.

Wild Royal Red Shrimp
Caught along the continental shelf in the deep waters of the gulf, royal red shrimp have created a following for themselves as being the sweetest, tastiest shrimp available.  Best sautéed or grilled.

Wild North Atlantic Lobster
We have cold-water lobsters year round.  We purchase hardshell lobsters only and all sizes are available, just call ahead.  Best steamed or grilled.

Cockle Clams
Cockles are small clams that come from New Zealand and are great for vongole recipes.  Best sautéed or steamed.

Manila Clams
Manilas are a little larger than cockles, come from California, and have an excellent buttery sweetness.  Best sautéed or steamed.

Littleneck and Topneck Clams
Grown here in the Atlantic, these local clams are ideal for clambakes, stuffed clams, and any traditional clam dishes.  Best steamed, sautéed, or grilled.