Holiday Catering Menu


♦We Will Be Taking Prepared Food Orders Through Wednesday December 20th.
♦Please Place Meat Orders By Thursday December 21st. (Based On Availability)
♦Specialty Seafood Orders Through Friday December 22nd.
♦Cancellations Require 48 Hour Notice For Full Refund
Thank you and Enjoy!

All Holiday Catering Pickups Will Be Scheduled For:
Christmas Eve (Sunday December 24th)10am to 6pm

Artisan Meats

Creekstone All-Natural Hereford Beef
Hormone Free, Naturally Raised, Small Family Farm ~ Kansas
Bone-In Rib Roast: Trussed and Seasoned
Half (3-4 bones) or Whole (7 bones) $28.99/#

Beef Tenderloin: Trussed and Seasoned 
Whole Loin Only (6-8 Lb Avg. Loins) $35.99/#

Murray’s Turkeys
Grown in Pennsylvania Amish Country, All Natural Birds, No Hormones, Antibiotics or Preservatives, Never Frozen “Certified Humanely Raised”
(Sizes Available 10-14#, 15-18#, 19-22#)
Natural Time-Saver Turkey: Our Chefs Will Brine Your Bird & Season the Inside with Fresh Herbs
Trussed & Oven Ready $7.99/#
Fresh Untouched Turkey $6.50/#

Leidy’s Spiral Cut Honey Ham
Antibiotic Free, Pennsylvania
Premium, Bone-In Spiral Cut (8-12 Lb Each) $9.99/#

Fresh Australian Rack of Lamb
Rubbed with Mustard & Crusted with Herb Gremolata
Frenched Bones (1¾# Each) $33.99/#

Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin Roast
Seasoned, Rubbed with Fresh Herbs, Tied for Roasting
(6-8Lb Each) $15.99 /#

Hudson Valley Farms’ Duck Breast
Molasses & Peppercorn Cure
(10-12 oz Each) $29.99/#

Cornish Game Hen
USA Raised, 1# Ea, Serves 1 Person
Herb Butter to Finish $14.99/Ea


Butternut Squash Soup $12.99/Qt
With Roasted Almond Slices for Garnish

BlackSalt Clam Chowder $16.99/Qt
Rich & Creamy with Bacon and Sea Clams

Cocktail Shrimp $27.99/#
Jumbo Shrimp By The Pound

Mini Crab Cakes $38/Dz
Famous House Recipe

House Smoked or Poached Salmon Platter $27.99/#
Horseradish-Dill Crème Fraîche (2#Minimum)

Oysters Rockefeller $36/Dz 
House Cured Bacon, Spinach, Cream

Stuffed Cherrystone Clams $26.00/Dz
House Smoked Bacon and Seasoned Breadcrumbs

House Made Trout Salad (7oz) $12.00/Ea

House Cured Atlantic Salmon (4oz) $11/Ea

House Made Tuna Tapenade (7oz) $15.00/Ea

Side Dishes
~Side Dishes Will Serve Approximately 4 People~

House Made Roasted Beet Salad $14.99/Qt

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts $19.99/Qt
House Smoked Tasso Ham, Caramelized Onions

French Beans Almondine   $15.99/Tray
Herb Butter, Toasted Almonds

Idaho Potato Gratin   $15.99/Tray
Parmesan-Reggiano, Herb Breadcrumbs

Chincoteague Oyster Stuffing $16.99/Qt
Select Oysters, Cornbread, Pecans

French Baguette-Sage Stuffing $12.99/Qt

Traditional Roasted Turkey Gravy $14.99/Qt

Holiday Spiced Cranberry Sauce $9.99/Pt

Gourmet Seafood
*Pre-Orders Suggested* *Market Price*
*Based on Availability*
~Maine Lobsters (Live or Cooked)
~Live Sea Urchin, Hamachi, Striped Jack
~Alaskan King Crab Legs, Langoustines
~Florida Stone Crab Claws 
~Dover Sole, Branzino, Halibut, Turbot
~Diver Scallops, PEI Mussels, Clams, Cuttlefish
~Fresh Crabmeat  -  Lump & Jumbo Lump
~House Made Crab Cakes, Salt Cod, Grilled Shrimp
~Fresh Mediterranean Sardines & Anchovies
~Baby Octopus, Calamari, Eel & More...

Salmon Roe
Wild, Keta, Alaska $16/2oz.

Trout Roe
Wild, France $16/2oz.

Wild, Mississippi, USA $36/oz.

California Ossetra
Farmed, White Sturgeon, USA $80/oz.

Italian Ossetra
Farmed, Siberian, Italy $100/oz.

Russian Ossetra
Farmed, Sturgeon, Caspian $150/oz.

Farmed, Closest egg to Beluga $200/oz.

*Also Available with Blinis, Chopped Egg, Minced Onion & Crème Fraîche 
For a $12.99/oz. addition

Half Shell Oysters & Clams
A Wide Variety of East & West Coast Oysters Available
~Priced By The Dozen~
Boutique Selections $20 Premium Selections $26

Little Neck Clams $13 Cherrystones $19

*Also Available with Lemons, House Oyster Crackers, Horseradish, Cocktail Sauce & Banyuls Mignonette
For a $7.99/dz. addition
*Pre-Orders Suggested*

All Our Desserts Are Made From Scratch 
~Pies Serve 6-8 People, Cakes 8-10 People~

Traditional Pumpkin Pie $29

Local Apple Streusel $32
Fresh Spiced Apples, Sour Cream Filling, Oatmeal Streusel Topping

Key Lime Pie $33
Graham Cracker Crust, Florida Key Lime Filling, Fresh Whipped Cream

Kentucky Derby Pie $36
Bourbon, Chocolate Chips, Walnuts

Eggnog Cheesecake $40
New York Style, Dark Rum & White Chocolate Shavings
Chocolate Bouche de Noel $50
Cocoa Red Velvet Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting

Cookies $12/Dz
Sugar, Ginger Molasses, Chocolate Chip

Fudge Brownies $14.00/Dz

House Made Ice Cream $8/Pt
Vanilla, Cinnamon, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle 

Bars $14/Dz
Raspberry Oatmeal, Pecan Cheesecake

Buttery Biscuits $20/Dz

Cornbread Loaves $8.00/Ea

Pecan Sticky Buns $18.00/6Pc