Below are some helpful instructional videos produced by BlackSalt that will assist you in everything from home poaching to home oyster shucking. We feel that seafood is exciting to work with, especially when you are using beautiful product, so we have created these videos to encourage you to explore the tasty pleasures the ocean has to offer. In these videos you can learn techniques for preparing, selecting, and cooking seafood, making you more familiar with products and more comfortable experimenting with new items in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Hog Island Oyster Company See Videos Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Choosing the Fish See Video

Demonstration On Poaching Salmon See Video

Oyster Shucking Demonstration See Video

Cutting the Fish See Video

Jeff Black on Sustainable Seafood See Video
The Kojo Nnamdi Show (May 11, 2010): Jeff Black, owner of BlackSalt Fish Market and Restaurant, talks about sustainable seafood and where some of the specific species in his shop and restaurant originate.

Washington Business Journal
Jeff Black of Black Restaurant Group shares his secret of restaurant business success. [Video by Joanne S. Lawton]
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